Wealth Management

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Taxation is the single largest cause of wealth erosion in Canada today. Taxation is also one element of wealth building that is neglected.

At The Accounting Place we believe that everything we do is part of your wealth building and retention plans. We also believe that no one can know it all, or be a specialist in all aspects of wealth management.

This is why we specialize in taxation and work with a team, either your existing team or ours, consisting of financial planners, investment advisors, bankers, lawyers, estate and retirement specialists and insurance representatives.

This gives you the expertise that you need and with The Accounting Place working as your Primary Advisor, we can help you manage your financial affairs to your overall benefit, while you do what you do best.

Wealth Management is the Growth, Retention, Accumulation and Transitioning of Wealth. Doing this after costs and after income taxes is Real Wealth Management™.


Real Wealth Management™ is a trademark of Knowledge Bureau Inc.